would you like fries with your ketchup?

My name is Carson Bendel. This is my personal art blog, where I post anything from completed work to doodles.

Hey guys, guess who knows how to rig stuff? THIS GAL.

OKAY, time for a crash course on RIGGING

Some of my models for our video game. Left to right: Bat, Hell Dog, Tall Man, and Snake Man.
Painting little robins~
I thought I uploaded this but I guess not! It’s a lil’ bat.
In the back there is a concept sketch I did. I’m just trying to get his basic shape atm

Yo. Yo. Word. Adverb. Adjective. Run on an’ on an’ on

Hey guuuuuuys I made a lil’ animation reel whaaaaaat

Look at this thing I’m thinging! It’s a hell dog, from hell! It wants to eat your face! :D
I got to meet Norman today in a workshop with some people from Laika Studios, which is, as many of you know, one of my absolute favorite animation studios! Hello, little Norman!
I was so impressed by the amount of detail he had, especially in his slippers. It was amazing getting to look at him up close!

Found an excellent rig on Animation Mentor! I can’t figure out how to get his toe to bend, though.