would you like fries with your ketchup?

My name is Carson Bendel. This is my personal art blog, where I post anything from completed work to doodles.

Hey I made this thing. Sweets Dunny - 3D Model, Maya 2015. 

HEY GUYS 3D printing is so super cool.

Hey guys, guess who knows how to rig stuff? THIS GAL.

OKAY, time for a crash course on RIGGING

Some of my models for our video game. Left to right: Bat, Hell Dog, Tall Man, and Snake Man.
Painting little robins~
I thought I uploaded this but I guess not! It’s a lil’ bat.
In the back there is a concept sketch I did. I’m just trying to get his basic shape atm

Yo. Yo. Word. Adverb. Adjective. Run on an’ on an’ on

Hey guuuuuuys I made a lil’ animation reel whaaaaaat

Look at this thing I’m thinging! It’s a hell dog, from hell! It wants to eat your face! :D